We all need a good reading chair!

The best chairs for reading are roomy, inviting, and so comfortable you could happily spend hours in them. Because when we’re immersed in a good book, we don’t want anything to distract us — especially not uncomfortable back pain or a lack of space! Check out some of our favourite reading chairs below. How we wish we were lounging in one of these right now!

1. So inviting you could sink right into it, and we love the snug grew blanket, too!

2. Roomy and stylish, plus comes with a handy snack tray! 

3. The natural light and oversized chair make this the perfect place to curl up and read.

4. This gorgeous leather armchair looks to be straight out of a university professors library room. 

5. This chair is perfectly situated for minimal movement. If you finish one book, just grab another off the shelf. 

6. A comfy swing chair, a warm evening breeze, and a good book.